Cutting, burning and other self mutilation

Widely socially known or media romanticized versions of self mutilation are cutting or burning ones self. Wearing long sleeves to hide the marks is a red flag to look for with loved ones struggling with depression, anxiety or other emotional issues. What are other less known forms are there? 
Hair pulling, nail biting, skin picking are listed on 
Elements- Behavioral Health's website under, "Understanding Compulsive Self- Mutilation." 
Is hair pulling, nail biting, or skin picking a self mutilation issue for anyone out there? Are there different levels? And of all the self harm known or unknown what are red flags for loved ones to keep an eye out for? 

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  • @Tanna1215 hello. good question. not sure if i'd consider those self-mutilation techniques, but i suppose they could be for certain people. i'm not an expert on the matter though....
  • I guess I do have an obsession with something like skin picking, but I only do that from time to time, and it's not because I have a morbid obsession about it, but because it really bothers me when my nails edges have grown over and I can feel them, I guess this is a kind of disease too. I would simply try and pick them until there's no more than blood.
  • Nail biting may be a form of self mutilation for me. I was a burner and now I bite my nails to the quick. They hurt so horribly and yet once I get a breeze of stress I began nibbling again. I do get fake nails to stop with the biting because mental they stop the urge. I need to take on a healthier stress relieving habit to replace the replacement I have taken on for burning in the past. 
  • I used to get this strong urge to cut myself, somehow I managed to get over it. Though, I wouldn't consider the other things as self mutilation, they might lead to problems in the near future maybe. 
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