Quality sleep while on sleeping pills

I've avoided prescription sleeping pills because I've heard that they prevent you from getting quality sleep. You just don't enter REM sleep when you are on sleeping pills. Is this true and for those that take it, do you guys feel like you get quality sleep on them.
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  • I've also read that somewhere, but I also know that it is proven if you go several days without REM you'll end up dying, so I wonder how all those addicts out there are still alive, I guess that they can't prevent every REM stage out there, since all these addicts are alive.

    I'm used to taking a zinc and magnesium supplement before bed, which kind of has a sleep pill effect, however I find that sleep to be of high-quality.
  • A friend of mine who used to take sleeping pills said that the effects make you feel like you're in a dreamless coma. There's no trace of consciousness. You just shut off like that. REM sleep usually gives you dreams but pills prevent your brain from entering that mode. That's why it's not healthy. It's too forced.
  • I used to take some pills routinely and it does differ a bit from regular sleep although I guess during the first few times it's not that noticeable. After a while I was waking up feeling drowsy and I guess this is the reason why because I wasn't getting the proper type of sleep even though it seems that way. At first I thought it was due to the type of medicine I was taking since some might have that effect but now I know it's probably due to the difference in the type of sleep I got.
  • @xTinx I've heard similar descriptions of it. It just puts them in a zombie state. That always was really off putting to hear. That just sounds horrible, but I guess if it's the only way to get you to fall asleep, then you just have to take it.
  • If I was having an issue sleeping, I think I would go see a sleep specialist before I relied on sleeping pills. A sleep study can help determine why you're not sleeping well, and things can be done to remedy the situation. I know several people who have gone this route with great success. Just a thought.
  • @erook7878 Unfortunately, taking sleeping pills is not the only way to get you to fall asleep. But it's one of the fastest ways available. And people who like to take the easy way out would not think about  the consequences. They would always resort to mechanisms like pills to produce instant results. If health is a priority, then the use of pills should not even be considered. Instant mechanisms usually foster dependency and if you're thinking of long-term benefits, healthier habits may be in order.
  • @xTinx Yeah, it is seen as a quick fix and that is why they are so popular. A lot of these sleeping pills are available over the counter. They are like pain killers, they don't treat the underlying cause, they just treat the symptoms. You are absolutely right that you need to get to the real reason that is causing the insomnia.
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