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Recently, I have found myself becoming a much more spiritual person and one night I had decided to meditate whilst simultaneously receiving long-distance Reiki whilst having properly made orgonite in my possession. What happened was astounding. Although I'm not that religious, whilst meditating in my mind's eye I saw a golden pulsating crucifix which pulsated a few times then started shrinking. As it did, several orbs placed at various angles around the outside of it came into view and the flower of life, or Metatron's cube, began to appear outside of it. As this happened, it started rotating, getting faster and faster until it was spinning fast. Once it was in a fast spin, it looked just like a typical spirit orb. I then felt an overpowering urge to place my hands together, as though I was praying, and to point them upwards which I did. When I did that, I could literally feel pulses of life-force energy coming in through my fingertips and running throughout my body. It really was extremely profound and was an awe-inspiring experience.
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  • It is amazing the feelings and the ways you can open with meditation.

    I remember when I was getting into Buddhism and was reading this 600 page paperback on the subject. I loved this book so much I was always reading it cover to cover.
    During one of my readings I just felt so at peace and I could feel the air cushion around me, I felt like I was moving slower.
    I looked up and around and have never felt so happy, content, aware, at one......
    I believe I had an awakening that in some form has stayed with me ever since.
    I've only had that intense experience once but once I get back into having time I'm going to go back to reading that book and let it take me away again :)
  • Hello. That was quite a beautiful and stimulating spiritual experience. I remember during meditation how I was soaring above a violet drenched sky decorated by smooth cream clouds. I was heading towards a coiled gallery of clouds, and at the end of it, I found myself  infatuated by a dazzling glow permeating the environs.

    Suffice to say was very pleasant and calming. I was  dealing with self esteem issues and anxiety. Medidating helped me to clear my mind and focus.
  • Reading this reminds me of my spirituality a lot.
    Somehow in my family we were raised very spiritual but very far away from any organised religion or church. I often think about our nature as a higher being.
    I love living through these experiences and I am happy and thankful every day for being on earth.
  • @androl... Thanks for sharing that with us. It sounds amazing.
  • Do you know what the title of the book is? I wouldn't mind checking it out myself.

    I was Christened as a child but have never been a particularly religious person, although I did have a bit of an interest in it. I was more into science and psychology. We are definitely just a small part of a higher being and we all how the potential to get in touch with our higher selves.

    It was indeed amazing, certainly the most amazing experience I've had from meditating. I found out that Metatron is associated with universal life-force energy which is also what the Orgonite is supposed to do which makes it even more amazing and means it must have worked! Coincidentally, I had started learning about life-force energy and how many scientists had discovered it throughout the years.
  • @androl thanks so much for sharing....i love it!! 
  • @androl
    Thanks for the answer. It is nice to find likewise souls, I am open for discussion every time about spirituality or just life experiences of any kind.
  • I've had multiple experiences throughout my life, although I never really paid too much attention to it when I was younger. I was kind of sceptical and would always tell myself there was a logical explanation for these kinds of things but as time went on, it became clearer and clearer that I was indeed experiencing something of a spiritual nature and things went on to happen which woke me up to experiences that I had had in the past. It's got to the point where it's become undeniable.
  • I had tests done for cancer in November 2011, about a month later the doctor phoned and said he urgently wanted to see me, it was non – Hodgkin Lymphoma. This was a name I recognised, our friend had this cancer, and died a few months later. I prayed for the wisdom, strength, peace and serenity to do God’s will, whether the cancer was a death sentence, or just an inconvenience. I can only say that from the moment of making this prayer, I have experienced a profound sense of peace, and the thought of cancer has never troubled me for a moment.

    Cancer could be a truly worrying process, you wait a month or two for tests, you wait for the results, and you wait for more tests, but the prayer to do God’s will sort of handed the problem to God, and I have never had to worry. I have never once prayed for healing, at the age of 62, the prayer for healing seemed too complicated, it might or might not be my time to go. Recognising this profound sense of peace comes from God, gives me reason to be thankful.

    I could not imagine this sense of peace without a faith and trust in God. I can only say, from the moment of hearing about my cancer and making that prayer, I could talk about cancer in the same way as I talk about going shopping.
    The point I am trying to make is this, even if the doctors were to say that 50 % of people with this cancer live, they can’t tell you whether you are going to be one of the 50 % that live. You will have to live with a lot of uncertainty over a period of time, this is why I prayed for the wisdom, strength, perseverance and the peace to do God’s will, whether the cancer was a death sentence or just an inconvenience. There is a peace from God that transcends all understanding.
  • @EricH... What a wonderful post. I'm so glad you experienced that profound sense of peace. If you don't mind my asking, how is your health? Seven years after your diagnosis, you're still here, and that's a fabulous thing. :)
  • @EricH i think this is a wonderful victory....and i admire your faith in God. so many are petrified when they hear they have cancer or at the thought of having cancer...and most are terrified of death.... to be able to testify of such a great peace that passes our understanding.... that gives great hope.

    our thoughts and beliefs matter, and what a doctor says to us matters too. i'd rather hear you have a 50 percent chance to LIVE than you have a 50 percent chance to DIE... though i believe we never "die".... not the real us, anyway...

    perfect love casts out fear... i always loved that scripture.

    thank you again for sharing.
  • Hello DeanD, as far as I know the cancer has passed me by, so I have much to be thankful for. Having said that, now I am 69, I can expect a few more problems
  • @EricH i'm glad you're doing well. keep an optimistic, faith-filled perspective moving forward.... our thoughts and words matter! :)
  • That's so awesome, @EricH! I pray that you remain cancer-free, and that your "few more problems" prove to be minimal. :)
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