Bye bye Suboxone

Hello I have been off Suboxone now for::::: (drum role please!!!) TWENTY FOUR (24) days:))))) it wasn't the easiest thing but it wasn't nearly as hard as I hard as I had inticipated either! If U Google search Suboxone withdrawal I never been clean off of Suboxone now for 24 days:))) if you happen to google Suboxone withdrawal you may be scared into never giving it up!
I do not want to criticize the drug too much as I know it has probably saved a lot of lives, but for me it was perscribed at 16mg a day after I knowingly abused prescription painkillers. I was told it would "heal" my opioids receptors. I then should have done my research but instead trusted what I was told.
I was on Suboxone actually the generic Bupronorphine for almost 6 years, costing me around 500 a month for a maintenance drug. Not to mention I didn't even realize till being off of it for a couple weeks that I just so happen to NOT be quiet as bitchy and irritable of a person as I was on the drug! I laugh again and enjoy the simple things in life!

All that mattered while on this med was a spotless house, retail therapy and doing good hair ( since I am a hair stylist)'as I Still strive for and have a clearer mind now to do so;)
Chemicals affect everyone's brain differently I know but I was so tired of being a slave to a medication. Freaking out if I couldn't get in to see my Dr. On time, being charged extra because his case load had gotten so large he would have to call in a partial refill to get me by till my appt.
seeing him every month for my refil. Over it!!!

Anyone who is considering giving up Suboxone, here is my advice for what is is worth:) 1) Make sure you are at no risk of going back to your old drug of choice or any other for that matter( like I said earlier I was several years past my addiction to getting high) You can NOT even be around any person or people who use, or you will too! We are addicts.
2)Red flag your self to your Dr. I told my husband Dr. Etc. God forbid I get in some weird accident and my damn leg is falling off I only get Tylenol ( with NO CODINE) or ibuprofen .that is it!!! I never want another opiod in my body, I do not wish to go thru withdrawal for a second longer than I just did!!

3) I am sure you have to see a special Dr. To prescribe you your Suboxone go see your regular MD and let them know you are gonna make the plung to give it up, you will more than likely need some help sleeping( wish I woulda been better prepared for that, not sleeping is horrible, talk about feeling weird!!! Again make sure they know you have addict tendency so they don't get you in another mess. My Dr did perscribe me Seroquel which after I googled that I freaked out because it is also perscribed for schitsozophranic and bipolar. Not that I am at all knocking anyone that suffers from these disorders but I am a hot mess already don't need any help createing more issues for my self.

So I talked to a few different people I know and trust in the medical field to make sure taking this med wouldn't make me start hearing voices etc. See I do my homework now;) if you can take a couple weeks off from your job do it fatigue is a huge factor, the first couple weeks showering was a task. I am a small 120lb. Girl and felt like my limbs weighed 200 a piece it took every oz. of energy to shower and I would have to sit 1/2 way through it! Tired but couldn't sleep!!! Forgot to mention I did go into a medical detox for the first week just to make sure I was safe and it did take the pressure off of everyday life!

If you are where I was with OVER IT!!! I am here to tell you it is so worth it!! Take your life back. You are stronger than a stupid medication! I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength Phil 4:13 you got this!!! Best wishes and Any questions Inwould be happy to help
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  • Sorry for the confusion at the beginning not sure how that happened?
  • @amykickinit... Congratulations on 24 days!! That's AMAZING!!! And thanks so much for sharing your experience, too. Your insight will be super helpful to others who are looking for information on quitting Suboxone.

    Keep doing the next right thing and know that we're glad to have you as a part of this community. You are truly inspiring!! :)
  • Thank you Dean :))))
    day 25 under my belt now;) and looking into homeopathic sleep Dr. Now so I can get on a natural path to my sleep;) my Salon just so happens to be next door to a wonderful chiropractor and I woke up with a weird back ache yesterday ( nothing to do with any of this)'but some how we got on the subject of pain meds. As I thought he was stearing in the direction of wanting to give me, I immediately stopped him and said I will not take any kind of narcotic pain med. He replied back oh no no I don't perscribe pain meds that stuff is the same as heroin, I said oh trust me I know. We had a long conversation about the over prescribing of all of that.
    This guy has researched as much as I have!! As well as being tied to the medical field, a different level of a true understanding on that side, lol. I then said ok please don't judge me but I shared my addiction story and shared my most recent on Suboxone. I have for so long kept my "dirty little secret" to my self and only shared that I had been on a matinence drug to my close circle. Until now that I am free of it. I want others to know what it really is, and if sharing my story saves one person it is all worth it!!

    He was so kind and so interested in knowing more. I shared my fatigue story and my sleeplessness, as you know chiropractors are more on the natural path, he just so happens to know some people that could help me:) Also because of my so called " Toxic " job of breathing hair chemicals my local pharmist recommended an adrenal gland support to help rebuild my energy. Which I believe to be working! I am so glad I have opened up about my struggles, people have shown me so much grace and support and been so helpful;)
  • @amykickinit... Yay! I'm super proud of you! Just keep going!! :)
  • This post is over a year old but I figured id comment, its awesome you made it through and I hope your still sober. I'm sick of the maintenance drug myself, its like being handcuffed to something you hate. I'm really considering getting out of it but the withdrawal terrifies me after what I've read, I'm the sole income for my family fortunately my wife is very very anti drug/alcohol and supportive but I need to keep working sp that income keeps rolling in on top of keeping up with my school working. I'm in the process of becoming a licensed funeral director, my question is, what is a good dose to jump from? I know it'll be painful no matter what but id obviously like to minimize my suffering(after all as an opiate addict your whole goal is to avoid any type of pain what so ever) any pointers or tips would be cool, hell just communicating with someone who has a mutual understanding would be magnificent lol
  • @noendorphins906 hello and welcome to the forum. thanks for sharing.

    glad you are looking to cut down/get off. and congrats on becoming licensed!!

    i don't have advice for how to go about this... not my expertise. do you have a doctor you could talk to about it? maybe someone else will chime in...

    glad you are here!
  • @noendorphins906... I left a comment on another post you made, so be sure to look for it, okay? 

    We're glad you reached out to us.
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