3 Months Tomorrow

So tomorrow is 3 months . And I can honestly say I really think I might make it this time . I admit , I really love beer , but I couldn't care less about "Catching a Buzz" anymore . And while it wasn't as "Precious " to me as Beer , I don't miss marijuana at all . A sober friend of told me recently I was in the "Sober Cloud " . Meaning I was new enough still that I was riding a natural high of happiness . Well to that I say  Some clouds create a  beautiful skyline !

To the "Watchdogs" @DeanD and @dominica , your guidance to me and all the other "Newbies " is an invaluable service , and none of us could get there without you guys .

I also feel I have made a group of "Good Quality Friends " in my regulars . @functional , @MartjinAddict , @zozzie , @SStoman , and everyone else I chat with , everyday I look with anxious anticipation for the little icon saying ------mentioned you in ----- ! That has been huge in my recovery . That so many folks from all over the world can create a bond is really strong !  A while ago I posted "What sobriety has brought me so far " My simple update to that is I'm actually Happy !

So now that I've gone and gotten all sappy , I'll end with a quick shout out to our Favorite Rockstar @Tommy , I caught my new profile pic last night . New cure for insomnia "Night Fishing" Him and his twin brother made a fine dinner tonite . Heading to the Mountains to celebrate this weekend !

"Eff a damn addiction" .

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  • So glad for you! Congratulations on that milestone! I believe you'll do it, keep up, you rock!
  • Congratulations! It's always nice to see people quitting their addictions and creating their lives as they like.

    Just make sure to give something back to the community as you've been given yourself. Tell us, what would be the main difference in your perception about your addiction between now and 3 months ago when you said you quit.
  • @TWSJ well done!
    And that's just it you know: we love all kinds of things, some good and some bad, but it comes down to your actions :)

    Being happy is kind of a positive feedback loop - things tend to go right that makes you even more happy and so on...

    In another 3 months we'll be happily congratulating you on 6 months :)
  • Love what you said about some clouds creating a beautiful skyline - very poetic! Keep going from strength to strength and drawing on those achievements and success you've already had. Your post put a smile on my face to read! :)
  • All , thank you for the comments .  @GenevB ;, I love the perception question . From the hip  , on day one " I HAVE to get sober , I can't do this any more " . 3 months in " I WANT to keep this feeling , and  want to help others find this feeling " . I have a 4 hour drive ahead of me this morning and Sunday. I'm sure I'll over analyze your question and send a more "Windy" answer Sunday evening !

  • That is so amazing! Keep it up and can't wait to hear your new updates in time! Just keep on keeping on!!!
  • @TWSJ CONGRATS TO YOU! i love hearing this! you are really doing it and i'm proud of you!  being happy is something you can continue to be and when obstacles or struggles come, you can face them sober...and lean on friends and support if need be.

    we are always here for you and i love this community too! we're all on this life journey together rooting for each other. it's awesome.

    eff a damn addiction! haha made me laugh! we love @Tommy, our recovery rockstar!!

    enjoy your weekend and know that you rock as well!!
  • @TWSJ... Three months is totally badass!!! Congrats!! I'm super proud of the amazing progress you've made!! I've never been called a watchdog before, but I think I kind of like it. ;)

    Keep doing the next right thing and keep inspiring us, my friend. I really think you might make it this time, too. :)
  • Hey that's great. Any sort of progress is a good thing. Make sure not to think too much about it, you should focus on your accomplishments and how many days have you already lived on without your addictions. Stay strong, and keep yourself distracted, because really, it's for the best.
  • @TWSJ, good stuff, glad ot meet you on here, together, we're all stronger.
  • I think it is a good thing and hope you keep it up and nice to see you have moved forward and have more positive thoughts, and it can make you feel a big weight has been taken off you when you make changes. It is nice and also hope it works for you in the coming weeks and months to come and keep it up and try some new things which keeps your mind busy. I reckon that when a person takes small steps to overcome their addiction it can be a positive thing and also hope that it is a good thing when the ones close see how the person changes.
  • Thanks for all the comments and support . I had a great , and sober weekend . I hope you all did as well !
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