Recognizing General Anxiety Disorder in Children

There are many different things that can cause children to be concerned about their activities. They want to do well in sports, school, and also impress their parents. How can you tell if this is just typical concerns or if you're child is dealing with General Anxiety Disorder? There are a few red flags that can let you know that your child's concerns are more than just "normal" worries about their day. Here are a few you can watch for.

Excessive Worry
Your child may be showing signs that they are excessively worried about every day activities. They may be very concerned about sports events, school assignments, or even what they are wearing to school. They can't seem to control their concern and worry for multiple different situations all at one time. 

Physical Symptoms
They may even show signs physically such as their stomach bothering them, headaches, or even the inability to relax when they should be able to. 

Concerned Everything is Contagious
If they happen to hear a news story or you talking about something negative going on, they immediately start to worry that it's going to happen to them or their family. They can't seem to disassociate the fact that just because others are going through it doesn't mean they will have to. They also feel like they can prevent a tragedy or something bad happening simply by worrying about it. 

These children feel as if they have no other choice but to always worry and that is where therapy can come in. The therapist can work with your child and help them understand they have a choice and they do not have to consistently worry. Therapy can help your child to understand how to recognize their concerning thoughts and turn up their rational thinking. If you have concerns about your child then you can talk with a professional that can assist you both.

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