Zoloft & Pregnancy

I had never been on anxiety medication in my life until I
was about 14 weeks pregnant. I was placed on a low dose of genetic Zoloft.
Throughout my pregnancy I thought of upping the dose; my hormones were making
my skin crawl. Now I have my baby and slowly and then more constantly I forgot
to take my anxiety medication. I don’t have the crawl/itch under my skin once
postpartum ended. Down the road I may want to have another child and I am
assuming I will have the same high hormone issues again. I do not think I should
stay on the generic Zoloft because with pregnancy 2 I may need a strong dose to
compete with what I am on continually.

Anyone else have this
issue? Or one compareable to it?
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  • @Tanna1215... Anytime you have questions or concerns about the dosage of a RX medication you're on--increasing or decreasing the dosage, getting off of the drug altogether, etc.--you should consult with the doctor who prescribed it for you. That's the safest thing, for sure. They are the person best equipped to give you answers.
  • It sounds like you were having some hyper sensitivity and I would get that when I was not taking SSRIs and it has helped to balance me out. It sounds like you might have had a high does. 
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