What helped me overcome agoraphobia, social anxiety and panic attacks

I thought that it could be helpful for others if I gave some advice on how I dealt with and overcame my anxiety problems. My first piece of advice would be to talk to others about the way you are feeling, including family members, friends and your doctor. They will be able to help and support you and you'll feel a lot better when you have opened up about it. I tried to keep my anxiety a secret for years, until it got so bad that I had to tell people. I kept it a secret because I was ashamed and embarrassed, but everyone was really understanding when I did open up about it.

 I would also recommend CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) it really helped me, and I have been able to deal with my anxiety without using medication. I had my CBT sessions over the phone as I was too anxious to physically go. So if you have agoraphobia, this can be arranged, just talk to your doctor about it. I believe some places also offer CBT sessions via skype if you prefer.

 There some books written by a lady called Dr Claire Weekes that helped me a lot, I actually downloaded the audio book versions onto my phone, and when I went out and felt panicky I would listen to them and they really helped. These books are a little old fashioned as I believe they were first published in the 60's/70's, but don't let that put you off because she has a lot of great advice. When I felt like I didn't have much support those audio books helped so much so I can't recommend them enough!

My next tip is quite cliche perhaps but it really does work and that's to try meditation- youtube is great for this, just search "guided meditation" and there are loads of videos. Meditation really helped me to calm down after a panic attack and get me to sleep when my anxiety was keeping me up at night.

Lastly, I would suggest exercise, it may seem really difficult to motivate yourself sometimes but you will feel better afterwards, even if its just a walk. Endorphins really do work wonders!

I hope that some of these tips might be helpful :-)
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  • I too, meditate and prepare myself before going outside and mingle with people. But what really helped are my glasses (eyeglasses, but it darkens and turns into shades when I'm outside), as well as my MP3 player. Wearing glasses and listening to music while I'm outside makes it 100% easier to maneuver through crowded areas, as I imagine the glasses and MP3 give me a protective barrier that cannot be penetrated by people. It really works for me, and that's how I survive whenever I go outside.
  • Those are great ways to contend with anxiety. i have done some myself. i haven't heard of that author, but will def check out. thanks for sharing!
  • Hey, @TigerBalm... Thanks so much for this post. Your suggestions are good ones. I, too, am a big fan of CBT.

    Thanks again for sharing! 
  • Thanks for sharing and letting us know more about CBT. I was never fully aware of what it all entails but now I and others know. And I definitely agree with you on meditation, it's truly a life changer. 
  • Talking, walking and CBT helped me out too! I was somewhat of a loner and I liked to keep to myself so the biggest challenge for me was opening up to my family and letting them know what I was feeling and thinking. After that hurdle then everything else felt like a breeze.
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