Anyone else fall asleep listening to a podcast or music

I've been falling asleep listening to Dan Carlin's hardcore history lately. The material is super interesting, it also makes my eyes real heavy. I'll usually wake up a little while later and take off my headphones and fall back asleep, but today I actually woke up in the morning with the headphones still in my ears.
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  • @erook7878 ,

    I need some outside noise to sleep as well . It used to be music . Now it can just be the T.V. When the room is totally silent , I get "Trapped in my own thoughts and toss and turn all night . The outside noise distracts my thoughts and allows my brain to relax .

    Reading at night makes my eyes heavy . But as soon as I put the book down , I wake back up and have to turn on the TV . The mindless crap on TV puts me out pretty quick .

  • There are times that I can only actually sleep WHILE listening to music or watching something / a video is playing on the TV/PC. I have no idea why, but sometimes I really like the darkness and the quietness of the night, so I turn off all the lights and the PC, but other times I really need something to drown out the silence because the silence could be "too deafening" at times.
  • i have fallen asleep that way, but i can get to sleep in silence. if there is any other noise going on, like dogs barking or people talking, i can't. insomnia is tough, so glad these things are working for people.
  • I use a sound making app on my phone. It really helps me slow down and relax, as I have struggled a lot with insomnia the past few years. I like to listen to the sound of trains, water falls, or a rainstorm usually. I have a very hard time sleeping to the sound of someone talking, the TV, or music with lyrics (soft instrumental can be ok). 
  • @TWSJ I know the feeling of feeling wide awake after putting down a book or taking out the headphones. It is such as strange phenomenon. It's like my body requires some noise or stimulation to fall asleep. I've had those times where I'm on the verge of sleep and I'll take off my headphones and then I can't fall asleep afterwards.
  • @Sunshiner I've tried those ambient sound apps and they haven't been to helpful for me. I seem to need actual spoken word through a podcast or music. The waterfall or rain sounds don't do much for me, but I can see how they can help others who like those soothing sounds.
  • Sound always keeps me awake, unfortunately. Even if it's calming music, I find myself able to sleep better with complete silence (even if I end up laying awake in bed for 3+ hours...). I find it hard to listen to podcasts because being the hyper and distracted person I am, I try to busy myself while listening, making me lose focus. It seems like a miracle to be able to fall asleep. 
  • Yes but never intentionally. You should look into different types of music to fall asleep too if you're interested in different methods but I've actually never heard of podcasts. Maybe I'll try it one day. I've experimented with a lot of different things; however, for me it seems that I would be focusing to hard on the content being played rather than drifting off to sleep. 
  • Music. Absolutely. Last night I was having an incredibly difficult time falling asleep. But I put on some music (Pat Metheny's "Still Life (Talking)") album, and I was out before the fourth song was over. :)
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