Adult Coloring Books!

Does anyone else find coloring to be really helpful for anxiety? I personally find it very relaxing. It keeps me mindful and is fun too. I also love zentangles. If you don't know what that is, I suggest you Google it. Those things a freaking awesome!
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  • Yes! Coloring not only focueses on the book and art which can relieve stress big time, but can also bolster creativity from your mind. Who also wouldn't want another skill to have and a nice hobby to connect with your peers in the mean while as well?
  • That's what makes group art classes so much fun. They take your mind off of everything and are a very social activity. Another good trick to reduce anxiety is to rub your bare feet on the floor (preferably carpet) I find that this literally grounds you.
  • I've seen many shopping malls sell these adult coloring books and I find them entertaining as well. I myself have not tried it but my mother has and it really helped her relieve some stress after work. She loves her crayons but I'm more of a watercolor kind of person.
  • I have one of these books, I've used it a few times, and it was pretty good for keeping me zen. Unfortuanately, my wife is an obsessive tidier, so if it's left lying around, she'll put it away on a shlf or in a drawer and it'll be forgotten about for months.
    Maybe she needs to use it.
  • I do agree with everyone and I engage in coloring to relax. This helps the mind and the body be in a different world filled with colors and creativity. I encourage all adults to color, it keeps everyone sane.
  • @zozzie My mother is the same way. She is constantly cleaning. I really think cleaning for her is like coloring for me. It helps keep her grounded and makes her feel relaxed. 

    @darkrebelchild Yea. I agree. It's amazing how much fun "things for kids," can be for adults. People forget that certain things aren't just for kids.
  • When I took a creative writing class in my senior year of high school I had a 70 year old teacher. At first, I thought the guy was completely out of his mind. He stacked 20 chairs on top of each other, taught the class from the top of the room over looking all of his and had hundreds of coloring books stretched out across the room and urged us to partake in it. After a few weeks, I honestly started to enjoy it. I didn't see it so much as coloring as a way to express myself in another fashion and it really became art. Looking at all the interpretations opened my mind too -- it's amazing how other people see it and really vividly color it according to what they see in the picture. On a side note -- that's actually how he met his future wife. They were alone on a date, and he broke out a coloring book and handed her a packet of crayons, they've been married 10 years and still going strong haha. 
  • I have never tried but it sounds interesting. I used to draw when I was in highschool and it felt good, I don't know why I stoped though. Not the same as coloring I think but maybe it's the artistic expression from such activities that leads to relaxation. I might have to find it out for myself, also thank you for introducing me to zentangles, I didn't know what they were.
  • I still can't stay in the lines. :(
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