Binaural beats

Anyone try listening to binaural beats to help them fall asleep. It's supposed to relax you to help you fall asleep. I'm not sure how solid the science behind it is, but there are apps and samples you can find on youtube. I tried it today in the middle of the day, and I can't say I really felt anything. I will have to try it again when I go to sleep tonight.
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  • I've tried.. not for sleeping, but for boosting my concentration levels and helping me to keep my chill. I don't know if they're what's working, or my resolve to just concentrate and be chill, but they are very calming. Of course I want to share the experience with my other half, but since you need to have headphones or two very far speakers, it's hard to experience it at the same time. The science behind it seems to make sense, and I only found out last week that a cat purring is a frequency that promotes tissue healing,so I"'m starting to look more into sound as a healer.
  • i have used binaural beats. i don't think they are meant to work they may make changes to the brain over time....sort of like regular meditation can change the brain over it would take consistency for sure. it's been a long time for me....i am not sure the research behind it either, but some say it helps them....
  • I haven't used them myself, but my ex boyfriend several years back was fascinated by them and how they work. I do occasionally have trouble sleeping so I probably should see if there is an app for it!
  • Yes I love them and now I'm glad I found this cause I'm going to make a little soundtrack before tonight. I haven't done them in a few months but they have many added benefits. I won't re-list what people have already said but one thing I use them for is lucid dreaming. The effects of this are widely-known to have a great impact on the dream world and you are able to induce a lucid dream (knowing you're dreaming and able to control it) rather easily. It's quite amazing to experience. 
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