How many times per week?

If I were having trouble falling asleep especially now that the sun is going down later and I'm trying to be an early riser now, would it be okay for me to take one every day? Is there some type of health problem that would arise if I were to follow the dosage on the bottle but do it every single day or is really a once or twice a week kind of deal? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you. 
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  • @Norjak71... I would suggest that you read the label of whatever sleep aid you're planning on taking and see what it says. Or, even better, talk to a doctor or pharmacist. I know quite a few sleep aids these days say that they are non-habit forming, but I would still ask someone about it. My personal opinion? I wouldn't take something every day. But that's just me.
  • @Norjak71 hello! good question. i'd talk to your dr and do some research...i wouldn't do it every day, but that's just me too....
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