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I hope that I am not the only one that this happens to, but I get so anxious when I have to pay my student loan bills. Like I can feel my stomach drop. Is this what other people feel as well? Sometimes I just want to cry when it comes to paying them each month. 
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  • I haven't been in this situation before specifically with student loan bills, the education system in my country is kind of different, and I only have to pay a relatively small amount of money and my dad pays it, so I don't really have to deal with that... But I've noticed that when I'm doing big purchases, when I have to pay a lot of money for something or I'm buying something really important for me I always have the fear of something going wrong, is not a really strong feeling but it's still there.
  • Paying bills can definitely be a source of anxiety. I go through it every month. I've been without a full-time job for three years and money is incredibly tight. When the bills total up more than the amount in your checking account, anxiety is inevitable. :(
  • you are most definitely not alone, @sillylucy !!! after my son was born, it was not lucrative for me to return to work due to high child care costs, so I became a SAHM. My job had never been the biggest payday, but it contributed to the bills for sure. My husband becoming completely financially responsible for our home stressed us both out a lot. my son is now 18 months old and i'm going to be starting back to work full time working from home, so i'm excited to have the second income to help ease our monthly expenses, and also help us actually start saving again!

    student loans are the worst, i do feel the most anxiety paying them, or when i have to call to request forbearance, which i've had to do several times. just take a big, deep breath!

    sending you love, light, hugs, and peace :) 
  • Watching where our hard earned money goes can be excruciatingly painful, especially if they all go to paying off loans. I can understand the feeling. But you know what if it's bills you're worried about, then there are things that you can do to change things. It may take a lot of sacrifice and hard work though.
    In my mind, one of the ways to ward off the anxiety associated with payables is to take stock of your finances. Really take a hard look at your financial situation, and decide to do something about it. Practical application would be to write where you are financially; list all the loans, the earnings, the expenses, list everything. Track every expense; even the little things. From there, you can look at areas where you can cut back. You can use that money to pay off your  student loan. It might be little, but any amount funneled directly to paying student loan helps. This article might help:
  • Student loan debt is a huge obligation, particularly when the debt is overwhelming.  A lot of people don't realize when they are going to school how much they are actually going into debt for and how long it is literally going to take to get rid of that debt.  It is particularly the case because this type of debt is not something that you can just get rid of by filing bankruptcy.  I find that a lot of people have even more anxiety about the debt when they aren't using the education they have received to make them more money.  It tends to make them feel as though they went to school for nothing.  However, there are a lot of programs to help you pay off this debt.  If you find that your student loan payment is too much to handle, contact your loan services provider and see if they can reduce your payment.  A lot of times there is some way they can lower the payment if the obligation is putting a major strain on the rest of your finances.  I, too, have a huge amount of student loan debt that I let get away from me because it also caused anxiety.  Unfortunately, my loan went into default, which I'm currently trying to overcome.  Because of the default status, I'm not able to return to school to finish my degree, so it is important to pay this debt and not let the anxiety overcome you!
  • Is it because of a lack of income? Or does it happen anyway? Are you unable to pay or do you just have to make sacrifices elsewhere to pay them? 
  • I never had to pay bills because, just as @anorexorcist20, in my country the student loans also work differently but I get really anxious when I spend big values of money. I have a really bad relationship with money, this sounds kind of idiot but just the fact that I know that I need to spend money it's quite stressful for me. That's probably because I feel I must have some money if anything happens and I'm usually pessimist, so when it lacks I can't stop thinking about everything going wrong.
  • I can not stand looking at the electric bill, as it is frequently over the top. I just have to do it. I don't feel anxious as much as I avoid it. I never have enough money to pay it, in full, and my ex has to help me out. I feel stress over not having enough money. I am in a bad place with cash right now...and some enormous bill does not help matters.
  • Yes, this is one of the things that stresses me out at the end of the month. I am worrying about how it will be in the future...   In my country they pay you every 15 days at any job, but in the country where I will be living it's every month!!!
  • it makes sense. paying student loans is no fun at all.... have been there myself....... i feel for you, and you are not alone.
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