What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used in many different aspects of mental health. One certain area that it is used to help those suffering is in anxiety disorders. This therapy method combines two different aspects of the mental illness to help the patient to learn ways to manage their illness. Here's a look at what this therapy method is and how it can help those with anxiety.

Cognitive Therapy Approach
The cognitive therapy aspect takes a look at how your negative emotions or thoughts can cause your anxiety to grow. It is not the exact event or situation you are in that determines your feelings. What determines your anxiety is your thoughts and perception of the actual event taking place.

Behavioral Approach
The behavioral side takes a look at how you react to the situations you're in. These are the ones that trigger your anxiety levels to skyrocket. What do you do when you're in a situation that has been known to trigger your anxiety? What is your behavior?

An Example
Consider an invite over to a friends house. Are your first thoughts about how fun it will be and that you're excited? Do you prefer to watch a movie at home as big crowds just aren't your cup of tea? Or do you have immediate negative reactions considering that you do not know how to act at a party and that you're afraid of what will happen? All of these are three different reactions internally.

The therapy approach helps you to identify your negative thoughts, challenge them with evaluation of your thoughts, and replace those negative ideas with the reality of the situation.

CBT has been known to help out with many different illnesses and anxiety is another one that it can truly be a key to breaking the hold it has on a patient. Have you ever tried CBT before? What are your experiences?

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