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Does any one else truly just enjoy being inside away from other people? It seems to me that even though I do have social anxiety it doesn't eat away at me a lot. I truly enjoy the company of myself and being outside just makes me wildly uncomfortable. I don't ache for human interaction like I thought I would. Is this normal? 
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  • I definitely have times like that - I'm relatively shy by nature and to be honest sometimes there's nothing better than being alone, relaxing and feeling 100% comfortable in my surroundings. In saying that I do still have times though when I crave being out and about and enjoying the company of others.
  • I have social anxiety and I often find myself wanting to erase everyone that knows me just so they can leave me alone. I also hate being outside and new situations make me have anxiety attacks. What I lack, I think, is love. But I can't seem to be able to be with someone, which is kind of contradictory. I need to be loved, yet being loved is overwhelming, you know? I feel I'm a bother and I shouldn't be loved, and I find others' attention so uncomfortable yet I need it. Or do I?

    I think you're normal though. For me at least, the few interactions I have (or ideally I should have) are enough and more freaks me out.
  • I think it's pretty common, I'm not really sure if I have social anxiety... when I'm around new people I became really awkward and I don't talk too much, and sometimes when I'm around people I like, sometimes I need a moment for myself, you know? spend a little time on my own, I really feel that I neet that. But in the other hand, people seems to think that I'm cool and try to hang out with me and have big expectations about me because of that and it's a big pressure... So I guess it's just stress, I guess.
  • I've had social anxiety my whole life but since I was around 17 years old and it started to be a problem. Nowadays I can completely control it. I enjoy talking to people and interacting, and they like me back. The thing is when I'm back home I kinda go full social anxiety mode again. It's like when I'm out, I'm the coolest, open, social guy but the moment I get back home I don't even feel like answering my phone. This is because I don't really feel any need of human contact or interaction at all. I think you are who you are, and nothing is going to change that, just don't let yourself get in the way of achieving your goals because we live in society and you're gonna need things from it, plus interacting with people can be really fun.
  • I don't know if it's agoraphobia or social anxiety, but I don't do well leaving my house at all. It is getting worse as time goes on. I may have to seek professional help for it.
  • I've suffered with social anxiety for as long as I can remember. I was always dubbed as "the quiet one" at school and it actually makes me angry that no one noticed that there was an actual problem. Social anxiety had basically ruined my life at times. I feel much better recently, but my social anxiety is literally crippling. I'm not just awkward around people, I have literally resorted to not leaving my room on occasions in the past.
  • I am like that a lot. I love being by myself and doing things by myself. I do like to be out some, but for like an hour maybe and then back home. I love the back yard or walking in nature....I don't crave human interaction that much either. small spurts maybe. 

  • Yes. Thankfully, my wife is the same way. We're a couple of homebodies, for sure. We do things outside of the house, too. But we are perfectly content staying in.
  • I too have social anxiety. At whatever point I feel uneasiness or fear in front of a group, I used to cry. The discouraging truth is that everyone around me used to chuckle at me. I don't know how to manage them. I had lost all my self-confidence. Now, I'm getting anti-anxiety medications and treatments from CBT associates, a mental health clinic in Toronto. I can manage my friends and relatives, but the issue emerges when I'm in a group, particularly with strangers. I'm planning to evade parties and such events because of this abnormal behaviour. I ponder whether this is a result of my anxiety or do I have any other serious mental issues. Does anyone here have similar concerns? How are you managing such situations? Kindly share your experiences. 
  • I can totally relate to this. Growing up, I was never liked by most people; so I usually stayed alone. I had 1 or 2 best friends. They weren't always the same ones over the years, but that number usually stayed the same. Because I've always been so different, I rather enjoy being alone. I don't really relate well with others and they don't relate well with me. It is always just uncomfortable for them and I, so it never really bothered me too much to be alone. Sure, there are times where I wish I could be like others, fit in and go out and have a "good time"; but then there are always good and bad to every situation. So, I just weigh my pro's and con's and realize it's so much better to be alone. Thankfully, I have a sweetie that is just the same way; so we're together and bring each other comfort. 
    But then, this is the kind of life one lives as a true Christian. Since the world has always hated Jesus, it hates us too. We're shunned by the world and don't fit in. Jesus said, "you will be hated of all men for my name's sake". This could never be more true than in America today. Anyway, that's the way it is and I just deal with it. I sure hope my comment doesn't get deleted over those last few statements I made. But then, it would just prove my point further. Anyway, I sure hope everything works out for the best for you.
  • I don't feel anything abnormal about this. Enjoying your own company and loving to spend time alone is a sign that you love and respect yourself and none can make you comfortable as you do. Be positive and take it in a positive sense. Every person has situations when they like to be alone. So don't worry :)
  • I don't know about "going out", because I love the beach, the forest, the ocean, the rolling hills... Of course I love them even more when there is hardly anybody else and the vastness eats me up, but yeah, cites make me freak out.
    I didn't know I had this phobia till very recently, and it was somewhat of a revelation, and I am left thinking "So THAT'S why, when the supermarket was crowded, when I was 17/18, I would just leave my basket of shopping there in the queue and just leave the shop." 
    Now I know, it makes it easier for me to rationalize when I am having trouble with new people/
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