Social or Family influence in aqcuiring an addiction?

Some people have come in first contact with their addictive substance(s) though peer pressure, some others through exposure within the family, etc.
For example, often light recreational drug addictions start as social memes, and many alcohol addictions start by the mimicking of substance abuse at home. But these coincidences cannot be made into specific cause-and-effect rules because many factors can affect a person's psyche and liability to addiction.

Of course there are numerous more types of influences that can lead a person to a certain addiction.

What influence (of combination of influences) do you believe has led you to your addiction?
What other factors do you believe played a part in solidifying this addiction?
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  • probably the acceptability of drinking while growing up. my dad was an alcoholic. my mom a rare social drinker, but it was around. my peers probably...b/c we just all drank in high school. then depression.....used alcohol as a way to cope.
  • My dad was an alcoholic, and most of my relatives were, too. I think it was definitely a genetic thing. I also started smoking because my dad, brother, and sisters smoked. They definitely influenced my decision. So there was a lot of family influence in my world, for sure. Much more so than peer pressure, I think.
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