Anal Sex Addict?

Hello all, i am new here and this is my first post. I believe i might have a problem. I hate vaginal sex and love unprotected anal sex with women. I have caught Chlamydia 12 times, Gonorrhoea 3 times and syphilis once. And i am scared that i may soon catch something which is more permanent. I am currently reading the book 'A Spiritual Guide to Battling Sex Addiction' which is helping me to understand my demons and addiction. But I just hate myself for loving anal sex even though I am not gay. I know some of you have much more serious problems and mine seems more of an obsession or fetish but it is affecting my life negatively and feel like it will get worse. Any advice would be much appreciated!!
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  • I'm an addict to hookers. I have used them for BBBJs, intercourse, and HJs for many years and it's so horrible. upsetting. 
  • @javardy... It sounds like your behavior is causing you some scary health issues. I would suggest you seek out a therapist and start undergoing counseling for your addiction.
  • @javardy hello and welcome. thank you for sharing and reaching out here. i'm sure you are concerned about your healthy safety with this addiction...i agree that seeing a therapist may be of great help to you...there may be something underneath this addiction that needs to be addressed. are you able to be open and honest with a therapist about this?

    also great that you're reading about this...keep doing your work regarding this....learning..reaching out...that's a great start....!!
  • @stepup hello and welcome!  glad you are here as well. if hooking up with hookers upsets you a lot....maybe you could benefit from a good counselor too.  just a thought!!!

    we are here for you!
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