Help-don't know what to do or if in right forum?? BPD-anxiety,depression,eating disorder(a&in)

Hi my names Brit,

I recently turned 30. I never thought I would ever make it to this age to be honest.

I've suffered from anorexia, bulimia, over exercise, social phobia, depression and anxiety since I was 9.

It was so bad they pulled me out of school and I was home schooled as I just kept running away.

Long story short I've been weight restored, low weight high weight, suicidal, down, up, good bad etc over the last 21years.

I've ridden professionally as a cyclist at 21 and finished my masters in human nutrition (obviously
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  • @brit... I replied to your post in another forum. I'm copying and pasting my reply here...

    I'm so sorry that you're struggling. Unfortunately, it looks like your post didn't get finished. Please know that we are here to help and support you any way we can. If you get a chance, please come back and finish telling us your story.

    I will say this: Any decision regarding your meds should be done with the help of a doctor. Quitting meds cold turkey can be very dangerous. 

    We're here for you.
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