Pregnant wife addicted to soap and detergents

I don’t know where or how  to begin, hope someone here can help me. I'm writing this for my dear wife who is pregnant for 2 months. She is addicted to cleaning and she can’t help eating soap bars and washing powder. There are so many worst things to be addicted to, but I think this has to be one of the strangest.  She used to spend her whole time doing housework when she isn’t  at work and she loves  the smell of detergents and washing sops. This addiction can hurt the baby’s growth or even cause 
our  baby to get sick,i’m afraid.  But the saddest thing is that  she needs to stop and we have tried everything  like  eating corn starch, different candies with the same smell, and nothing has helped. What should I do now ? Please help us.
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  • @crawfordhugh... I think your wife needs to see a medical specialist or counselor about her issue as soon as possible. With her being pregnant, I think that's the best and safest thing to do. 
  • @crawfordhugh hello and thank you so much for sharing....and congats on the baby!

    i agree with dean that your wife needs professional help. this forum is a great support tool, but we're not doctors and for the baby's safety, i suggest talking to her about making an appointment with an addiction specialist or asking your primary physician for a referral. 

    know that we are here for both of you!!! 
  • also, know that there is hope for her to stop with this addiction....but it will most likely require professional help (since she has tried to stop on her own)....and that's ok.... many of us have had to admit our addiction and reach out for help after we failed to stop on our own.

    totally here for you and rooting for all of you!! :)
  • @crawfordhugh... How are things going with your wife? Thinking of you today.
  • @crawfordhugh hey there! just checking in with you to see how things are going!! we are here for you!
  • I have done a research on this topic and got some points.  This disorder is called Pica disorder. It's the  persistent eating of substances such as dirt or paint that have no nutritional value. Mr.Genevieve Richards has very clearly explained about this disorder in this blog. (, I have started the treatment . Now she has improved a bit. As part of the treatment I have stopped buying soaps and detergents and to clean our home ,hired a professional cleaning expert. Now hopingly waiting for our baby :)

  • @crawfordhugh... That's good news. I hope your wife continues to improve. Please keep us up to date on her progress. Sending positive vibes your way.
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