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My sister is the type of person that seems to always be sick. Not in the I have a cold sense of sick, it is more like if you say you have a kidney stone, she has had that or will have that but it will be so much worse then yours. I seriously have never met anyone who has as many issues as my sister, she carries this giant zip lock bag full of pills and quite frankly I am concerned that this is not a good idea even if these were prescribe by a doctor(s)

The newest thing was actually kidney stones that has since passed and yet she still takes Oxycontin for the pain? I can't help but wonder if the malingering is just a method to get pain killers? If it is not kidney stones, it is migraines or hemorrhoids or something common enough to be acceptable but not serious like cancer or anything like that. We have heard about bulging discs, knots in her neck, Fibromyalgia, migraines, food issues, gas and white spots in her mouth. Just always something weird and out there that gets her lots of time off work. Is this what malingerers do?
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  • No, it isn't what malingerers do - it's what Hypochondriacs do!  Hypochondriacs, whilst they do suffer with overwhelming anxiety, also have a very overactive imagination and seem to think that they suffer with just about any other illness or health deficiency that anyone comes up with. I actually had a kidney stone recently and they can indeed be fatal. That's not something to be taken lightly and can cause a lot of damage to other body parts or even result in kidney failure. Kidney stones require hospitalization. Fibromyalgia, on the other hand, is permanent and cannot be cured and is marked by chronic fatigue and pain. If she has fibromyalgia then she would spend most of every day in bed. The only people I know with fibromyalgia do not work because they are considered disabled/incapacitated.
  • Sadly these days quite a few people suffer from some sort of disorder, but diagnosing this is not exactly easy. We do notice that people are unbalanced, but what can we do?
  • Your sister is definitely a hypochondriac - and a chronic one at that. Unlike occasional hypochondriacs who only concoct ailments to get away from someone or an activity, your sister appears to invent ailments (or make them worse than they really are) as an excuse to take in painkillers or some other pain-alleviating drug. She needs help. Perhaps you can ask a specialist to intervene on your behalf.
  • I knew someone who always thought she had that kind of ailment every time she feels pain in one part of her body and then thinks too much about it even not knowing she do not actually had that kind of disease and it is only on her state of mind. Then most of the time she always had self medication buying medicines here and there without consulting first a medical practitioner. I once told her to see a doctor to stop all her worries but she would not listen to me and just always resort to those too many medicines she had on hand . I always pity her because as a friend I do not want to happened something bad to her and to her overall health. 
  • I think a lot of hypochondriacs are worriers who tend to overthink things.  They may believe that there is something wrong with them when in reality, there may or may not be.  It's a possibility there is something wrong but that no-one has figured it out just yet.  I think for that reason, when a lot of hypochondriacs hear about someone else's symptoms they may relate those symptoms to themselves and think 'I wonder if that's what wrong with me'
  • In all fairness with the advances in medical detection these days, doctors pick up on things that "could" be something way before they become something. I can not begin to tell you how many stories I have heard from people that went in for a routine exam and left with a feeling that they might be going to die.

    Sometimes things are accurate, I had a co-worker that was acting very strange and complained of terrible headaches, I said why not go to the doctor maybe you have an infection or a polyp or something going on, he had a brain tumor. News like that is very sad. Another woman I knew was sick with a chest cold, they sent her for an x-ray thinking it was pneumonia, and found something. They had this poor woman so upset, she got an oncologist because they said it "might" be lung cancer. It was only scar tissue. So you just never can be to sure. My point though, medicine has advanced so much I think that they can tell when there is something really wrong with a person. Sadly there are some doctors that are happy to just take the money and run.  

  • I think your sister is sick and even though you have your reservations about her condition, you ought to sympathize with her. Whatever condition she's suffering from, offer your unconditional support and don't judge her. She probably needs you more than you can ever think.
  • @SunnyDaze
    Funny you should say that. When I was in my teens I kept having stomach problems, headaches, fatigue, etc and had multiple tests to try to find out what the problem was. I had blood tests, urine tests, CT scan, etc and they could never find anything wrong. I'm now 37 and whilst I have learned how to cope with those symptoms, they have still not found anything wrong.
  • There are quite a few people that have disorders and unfortunately this situation is more and more common. Drug abuse is the cause for this many times. 
  • No. I don't personally know anyone who is currently going or has gone through the same situation as your sister. I think you should really seek help for her as it's not only physical ailment she's suffering from, but a mental one already.

  • Isn't it ironic how people who may be hypochondriacs will claim that they believe they are inflicted with all sorts of different illnesses, yet if you try to tell them they have hypochondria which is, itself, a medical illness, they will deny it and say that they're not a hypochondriac!
  • If it comes to the "I am always cold" type of sick, my friend is like this!

    But when it comes to serious health issues, then I could be an example. I have lots of respiratory affections, and also chronic health problems. But I am living a healthy life now, without smoking or drinking and I try to exercise almost daily. And this helped a lot.
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