What withdrawal symptoms will I experience when I stop drinking or using drugs?


Depending on how much you drink and how long you’ve been drinking, you may experience withdrawal symptoms in as little as six hours from your last drink. This is more typical of moderate to heavy drinkers who drink often. Here are some of the early withdrawal symptoms:

Shaking or tremors
Headache and body aches
Fast heart rate
Trouble sleeping
Difficulty focusing
Increase in blood pressure

The first few days the symptoms can worsen, as your body tries to remove the toxins associated with alcohol and at the same time it craves more.

The most severe withdrawal symptoms are called a delirium tremens (DT), characterized by:

Intense confusion and agitation
Auditory , tactile, and visual hallucinations (hearing, feeling and seeing things that aren’t real)

If you have these severe symptoms, please see a physician or go to the hospital right away.


Withdrawal symptoms from drugs will depend on the drug used, as well as the dose and frequency used. Here are some of the symptoms:

Intense anxiety and/or panic attacks
Trouble concentrating
Trouble sleeping
Headache and body ache
Heart palpitations

For more information on alcohol and drug withdrawal, read this.


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  • To be honest, I'm not so much of an 'addict' but I used weed occasionally. It started draining my bank account though, so I tried to quit cold turkey. I haven't felt any 'withdrawal' symptoms, but I have been more irritable and a little more on edge than usual.
  • @Abdu hello and welcome. thanks for sharing.  i don't know much about marijuana and withdrawal. i have heard that withdrawal from weed is not as daunting as other things.... like, it's more of a psychological dependence and withdrawal. i may be wrong though.

    glad you quit. it can certainly cost lots of money to keep it up and well, any addiction can bring negative effects...so good for you! 

    i think the edginess will pass within a short amount of time....
  • @Abdu... I think irritability and edginess are pretty normal when we quit anything we've grown to be dependent on. Even stuff like coffee or chocolate. When we enjoy something and our body "needs" it, going without it definitely puts us on edge. Hopefully your crankiness will subside soon. And a big congrats to you for quitting weed. 
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