Recognizing Anxiety Disorder in Teens

Some anxiety is normal for teens. They have a big test coming up or they are reacting to pressure from the everyday life of being in high school. On the other hand, there are some teens who deal with a much larger anxiety issue and they are dealing with anxiety disorder. Some teens can work through their anxiety on their own but how can you tell if your teen has something else going on? Here are a few signs to look for and what you can do if you're concerned about your teen.

Signs of Anxiety Disorder
Consider if your teen is normally anxious over tests or if they are seemingly anxious for no reason in particular. If you're noticing they are more anxious consistently, then there could be a deeper issue. Take notice if they seem to check and recheck things over and over to make sure they were done correctly. Do they seem to worry more than "normal" about everyday events? Do they seem to have problems functioning in testing situations or other areas of life because they are so worried? All of these are signs that something more than the normal teen angst is going on.

What Can You Do?
If you're noticing your teen is more anxious than what should be normal, it's time to talk to someone. Perhaps their school counselor can direct you to a therapist outside to assist with their anxiety. They can prescribe medication to assist, work on cognitive behavioral therapy with them, and teach them relaxation techniques when the anxiety is its highest. Some even use biofeedback to learn how their body responds to stressors and what they can do to help relax themselves. 

Some teen anxiety is normal but if your teen is suffering more than usual assistance is available. Be sure to get your teen the help they need to learn to manage and work with their anxiety disorder early on. It can help them be successful and understand what is going on. 

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  • Thanks for this post. One of the most difficult things about having a teenager is trying to figure out what's normal and what's not. There's a lot of anxiety associated with being a teen. Added to the natural changes a body goes through and the effect hormonal changes have on a teen...well, it's just tough for parents to sort it all out. This info is helpful.
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