Inpatient Addiction Treatment vs Outpatient Addiction Treatment

If you are seeking addiction treatment you may need an inpatient treatment plan or an outpatient treatment plan could suffice. This will all depend on your individual needs. You want the best treatment that you can get so there are several factors to consider since both types of treatment are different.

An inpatient treatment center offers a 24 hour a day program in a very controlled environment. This is where detox and treatment are conducted. The minimum stay in inpatient treatment is generally no less than 30 day but can last for sometimes more than a year depending. Because of this, the cost associated in usually more than an outpatient treatment center.

In an outpatient treatment center patients will receive treatment, submit to drug screens, get medications of needed but are able to go home each day. These centers are not available 24 hours per day but patients do have to come on their scheduled days, which could be daily or a couple times per week. These can also last from 30 days to in excess of one year but they are much cheaper than inpatient services.

When you go in for an evaluation all of your needs are considered including your individual and specific needs, monetary expenses, if you are a dual diagnosis patient, and if you have tried treatment prior and were unsuccessful. Also, what kind of a support system do you have at home is a very important question.

There are benefits and drawbacks for both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment. The benefits of inpatient treatment include the elimination of most stressors that could act as triggers causing a relapse and there are no drugs or people that are using around. The drawbacks are mainly that it can be difficult for many to relinquish the control necessary to succeed in inpatient treatment.

In regards to outpatient addiction treatment, the benefits include the ability to continue on with day to day life. This is often important to those who have small children or jobs. Another benefit is that the cost is considerably less than inpatient care. The drawbacks can often be the deal breaker when considering inpatient care since you are not removed from the people and places where you did drugs. The triggers can be devastating. Will you think long and hard before you make a decision like this that is so important?

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