Borderline Personality Disorder - The Facts

Understanding mental illness is key in helping those you love get through the disorders with support and care. Learning what the disorder truly is and how it can be helped is important and can assist your loved ones in living life to their fullest. Borderline personality disorder is one of those that can be misunderstood and if you're not prepared for it, you may miss it. Here are a few facts to know and understand to help you and your loved ones dealing with BPD.

Signs of BPD
Your loved one, or you yourself, may be suffering from a few or many of these signs. You may find the person deals with unstable relationships such as feelings of love one minute and hate the next. They may go to extreme lengths to avoid being abandoned by friends or family. They have a distorted image of themselves that can lead to huge mood swings, opinions of themselves and even their values. Their behaviors can be quite impulsive including unsafe sex, substance abuse or even spending money excessively. Other signs include suicidal thoughts or self-harm, and long periods of deep depression or irritability. 

What Causes BPD?
There is a combination of several things that go into causing BPD. There environmental factors such as traumatic life experiences, signs that show the brain of those dealing with borderline personality disorder works differently, and even genetics can play a part in the development of this disorder. 

There are many different methods that can be used but the main three stem around counseling, medications, and even short-term hospitalization if needed. If you or your loved one may be suffering with BPD, you can get the help you need. Reach out to a therapist or your MD to see what options are available to help you understand and start to cope with the emotions and this illness. 

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  • This is good info, @KeeToSobriety. Thanks for sharing with the group.
  • I have to agree. I have borderline and cannot control the love hate thing. The only person/pet I could love all the time was my kitty meow meow. Now that meow is in heaven. I am lost. I dont like to hate people. They lose trust in you, and you are left with only little friends, or friends desperate enough to put up with your abuse and arent healthy themselves. This is a lonely horrible disease. I had a trauma at the age of 5 years old, where i witnessed a rape, and my mind "split off". I believe also my father has it, and seeing it displayed made me feel crazy too, until, it took ahold of my life as well. Praying to God is of little help, as youll hate him too every second day. Getting dbt was never an option for me, as i was always working or going to school. in alberta i had a provisional psychologist who printed off the Marsha Linehans book for Boderline, but she also turned abusive for some unknown reason. ( I swear for once it was not me) I will never go near AHS Alberta Health Services, and do have 3 years worth of education at the university level on psychology, and am going to buy the expensive book myself and see if i can heal myself. I am so sad to have this on top of depression. No one knows the hell of borderline, except another borderline. 
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