Celebrate Recovery

I think 12 Step groups are wonderful and I’ve graced the doors to several different 12 Steps groups myself over the years. One group I’ve never tried was Celebrate Recovery, which is a 12 Step recovery group based upon the Christian tradition.  It was founded by Rick Warren and John Baker back in 1990.  The pastors were quite award that there was a need in the Christian church for the model of the 12 Step groups that had the Christian God as its Higher Power.

What’s great about Celebrate Recovery is that you can go no matter what addiction you are contending against. They say if you’ve got a “hurt, habit, or hang-up”, feel free to come. There are those that struggle with alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, food, and more are welcome to go to the meetings. Those that go are usually followers of the Christian way and enjoy being able to use Christian principles in their recovery. They actually have a Bible-based curriculum.

Have you had an experience with Celebrate Recovery?  

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