5 Things I Hated About Sobriety (and Why I Embraced Them)

Happy Tuesday :)

Thought this article might be helpful for anyone who is struggling in their recovery process:

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  • This is good stuff, @marydawn. Thanks for sharing!
  • Quite a bit of that resonated with me. I am nervous about my friendships changing
  • This is a Good Article really this might be helpful for anyone who is struggling in their recovery process: i really recommeded this all tips to anyone @recoverycnt
  • @lostboy...so glad it resonated with you.

    It's tough to let go of friendships and to deal with the anticipation of them changing. One thing that's always helped me is that sometimes people are in your life for just a season. Perhaps they are in your life to teach you something and once you've received that lesson, it's time for you to both move on. While you may have friends for extended periods of time, sometimes people will come and go in our life...and that's ok!

    Hope this gives you some comfort. 
  • @lostboy...Totally know how you feel and am sending you hope for dealing with the change.

    A question you can ask: Is this person going to support my recovery?
  • I think the "My life will never be the same" thought was what I wasn't liking in thinking back to beginning recovery. It was tough to play the tape forward and see a life lived in freedom and joy...but actually life got better.

    That's my hope for those struggling with addiction. That they can come to believe that their life will be BETTER when they can get free...but getting free will require darn hard work most of the time. but it is worth it...

    thanks for sharing.
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