Exercise Addiction

Exercise is way of keeping your body healthy and active. It can help reduce the chances of several health conditions that can plague those who do not exercise regularly. It is even suggested to do something everyday, but when is too much exercise a bad thing? How do you know if you're addicted to exercise? Did you even know that exercise could be something that causes an addiction? There are many people who are addicted to exercise in a non-healthy fashion. Here are some facts and info you should be aware of when it comes to exercise addiction.

Too Much is Not A Good Thing
There are some who put themselves at risk because of their exercise routines. More is not always better. When it comes to exercise, you run the risk of stress fractures, cardiovascular issues and even eating disorders can be tied in to an exercise addiction. Knowing when to say no is important and you must learn to listen to your body. Always pushing for that extra mile may not be as "good" as you believe it to be. 

How to Avoid Exercise Addiction
Make sure you give yourself rest days for your body to recover from the day before. Your body has to have time to relax and repair itself from the workouts. If you find yourself dependent on exercise, consider taking some time away from it and see how you feel/react. If you show signs of dependence on the routines, there could be underlying issues. You should have a healthy relationship with your exercise program. If you find yourself pushing and going more than you should, consider talking with a therapist experienced in this addiction. While exercise is a great way to stay healthy, too much of a good thing can become very detrimental. 

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