Scared about Sexual Addiction

I have taken several versions of online tests and surveys and I believe I have answered all of the questions very honestly.  Each time I've completed one, I feel as if "that was not so bad" and then I hit the finished button and the results come back that the survey indicates that I AM a sexual addict or that I DO likely have a problem with sexual addiction.
I guess it's time for me to admit that Sexual Addiction IS real and also that it's real for ME but I am super scared about this and I feel so ashamed and guilty about it.
I guess I see this as something more normal (and therefore, maybe more acceptable) for guys and because I'm a middle aged woman, I just don't want to believe that I have this problem that I must deal with, especially when the only real action I am taking on this is engaging in sexual fantasizing and self-pleasuring (excessively).
I don't view pornography and I don't act on my urges and desires and fantasies with anyone else.  I am divorced and have not had sex with anyone for over 5 years.  But I AM very hyper sexual right now (for the past few months) and I guess I really should look into getting help.  Still, the thought of therapy or treatment or finding some sort of support group scares me as well, because I find it so arousing to talk about sex and share my feelings and desires (and even my past history) about sex with people, so I am worried that if I do work up the nerve to find a therapist or some sort of group to help me, that talking or sharing with them could cause me to become aroused and everyone would be able to tell, and then what would they think and how could they possibly help me?
I know I need to process my sexual past in order to figure out why I am experiencing such hyper sexual urges and why I'm engaging in such frequent masturbation, so I am journaling and that is helping me quite a bit.  I think I am ready to admit that I have a problem, but I am so worried about being safe and finding help that will actually be helpful to me (and not something will just further feed or promote my problems).  Any advice?  I sure would appreciate any insight or ideas that people can offer.
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