Employment Opportunities

Does anyone have experience working a job while in a treatment center?

I am here in rehab and I am desperately trying to find a way out of here.

My family does not want to help me. My dad thinks it would be counterproductive.

This means that I need to save my income assistance for three or four months so that I can afford an apartment. It's looking like this is my best option, unless...

I can find work while I'm here in treatment. I could cut down my stay by a at least a month if I work part time.

The social worker comes in on Monday and I will talk to him about employment and housing then.

Any comments would be appreciated and I would like to hear of your experiences. How did you find the balance between work and treatment? Did it make the time pass faster or the experience of being in a treatment center better? What kind of job did you have? Did you need to save for a place, and if so, how long did it take you?

What was housing like for you when you left? 

Thanks and God Bless

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