What is Dependent Personality Disorder?

Dependent personality disorder is a mental illness that can show up in young adulthood or sometimes later in life. It shows up most when serious relationships are starting to form. It is a dependency on other people and a person tries to please everyone around them with great effort. You might see needy or clingy types of behavior with relationships and they may be very passive in the relationship with other people. 

Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis
DPD goes beyond just trying to keep your significant other happy. Symptoms of the disorder include the lack of ability to make a decision, difficulty when the person is alone, tolerance of abuse or mistreatment from those around them, and lack of self-confidence that they can take care of themselves. The exact causes are yet to be determined but those who deal with this on a daily basis believe it comes from a combination of factors including biological, temperamental, and developmental to name a few. 

Since this is very similar to borderline personality disorder, the two must be diagnosed and distinguished. There is a thorough evaluation and history taken and in some cases a physical exam. There are different diagnostic tests that can be used to determine if it's DPD. 

The most common type of counseling used for DPD is psychotherapy. This helps the person suffering to become independent and more active in their own lives. It helps them learn how to develop healthy relationships instead of being so dependent. Through therapy they can learn ways of coping with the things around them, learn how to manage the behavior that is interfering and learn how to be assertive in their own lives. 

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