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Another thread on here talks about shopping addiction. I'm somewhat torn about it, wondering if it is a bad addiction if you are not overspending or buying unnecessary things. I do think people can get a thrill out of finding a great item, or a great deal. But if that addiction is not negatively affecting them, then I wonder if it could be seen more as a hobby.

That got me thinking about shop lifting. This is similar to shopping addiction, but I think the thrill would come from getting away with stealing the item? I'm not sure -why do you think people shop lift?

Do you know anyone who compulsively shop lifts? What do you think lies behind this kind of behavior? 
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  • Yes, a former friend of mine has been stealing stuff from stores for decades. He's got it down to an art form, because he does it pretty much on a daily basis. 

    For example, he's obsessed with entertainment magazines, and he loves cheese - so he will walk into the store, grab one of their flyers, then place the magazines in the flyer (and perhaps a brick of cheese) and roll them up and walk out the store as if he was just carrying a store flyer.

    I've also seen him walk into a convenience store (wearing cargo pants and a hoodie), and walk out with like $50 worth of stuff - burritos, pizza rolls, candy bars, you name it. There were times we would stop in because I needed to get some smokes, and I wouldn't even notice him stealing all the stuff. Then when we would get home, he would empty out everything he got in the few minutes we were in the store.

    Unfortunately he also steals a lot of stuff from his friends, and it's not uncommon to be visiting him and start finding stuff from your place at his apartment. 
  • I had a friend that I no longer associate with that I think was stealing from my house. It is a shame because I used to think of her as a good friend until all that happened.This woman was a terriblr alcoholic. I had this necklace that was a gift from my mother and it suddenly went missing. I had never caught my friend but suspect her just the same.

    I think what tipped me off was one time when she said to me that she took things from her grandmother. Stupid  things like shampoo and air freshener. I hate to accuse anyone unjustified but I felt it better she not be around here if I felt like I couldn't trust her anymore.  This might seem like an extreme position to take on someone, maybe I am just paranoid, but usually if it is just a case of me misplacing something it will turn up. This never did.
  • The first time I ever stole something I was 15. My mom would not allow me to wear makeup, so she wouldn't buy it for me. So I went to Walgreens and stole mascara. It was so terrifying I didn't do it again for years, and the next time I did it was actually on accident lol.
  • I only did it a couple times in high school and would be scared to death of getting caught and thrown into jail now!! I have no idea what I was thinking. That said, I think it's really sad when a friend shoplifts or steals all the time, and it's really awkward if you suspect your friend is stealing from you because you don't want to ask them in the event that they may get super offended.
  • I am not the kind of person who likes shopping especially to things that are not necessary or important. I only goes to shop if I have the money and I only buy things that are important for everyday use. I pity those people who had been addicted to shopping of things even up to extent that they are overspending already and not even thinking that there are still many more days to come to allow their money to bring to a budget for their other expenses. Shoplifting is not the right attitude to get something what you desire even you do not have the money to buy it. Wait for the right time when you will have the means to let the things you want to be yours in the right way..
  • I think those people who are doing it are addicted to the thrill of being caught.. not necessarily on the items they are trying to steal.
  • Nope, I doubt that is an addiction... that is cataloged under the ''mental illness''  category, not an addiction at all.  Completely and absolutely wrong to say kleptomaniacs are addicts, they are just people with a very serious mental issue, because real kleptomaniac often steal things they don't even need... or even want, they do it in a very compulsive way,  like they just can't help it.  It kinda rmeinds me to OCD a bit... definitely in the OCD spectrum...
  • A good friend and I have both shoplifted and we both have bipolar disorder. She does it very impulsively and has been caught three times. I've not been caught. I do it because it's a thrill and I know I'm getting away with something that I'm not supposed to do. It's not like I'm stealing anything big...most I've stole is a $15 sweatshirt but I still know I'm wrong and doing it gives me a rush.
  • I remember that when I was in high school there was a girl who had classes in our classroom, and she stole a lot of things, even pens! The most serious things she stole were a purse and a cellphone. The objects were returned and she made fake excuses like "I thought they were mine, I have the exact same purse". I don't know if she still steals or it was just something for the moment, but it was not nice at all.
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