Where Do Personality Disorders Come From?

Discovering you or someone you love has a personality disorder can be quite overwhelming. You may wonder where it came from or why it happened the way it did. In some cases there are no explanations but in others there may have been trigger points that caused the disorder to show up. Here's a look at personality disorder types and where they may originate from in most cases. 

Personality Disorder Types
There are many different types of personality disorders and in some instances, the person suffering may have more than one going on at the same time. They range from borderline personality with unstable emotions to histrionic personality disorder where the person is very dramatic and trying to always draw attention. Other types include paranoid, dependent and OCD disorders.

Where does it Come From?
Most cases the disorders can be traced back to a mixture of things going on. Some of it is the genetics in the family, in the case of mental illness in the past. Other cases can be caused from dysfunctional upbringing during childhood. 

If you're concerned about yourself or your loved one, it's very important to have an evaluation with a therapist or counselor. They can help you to understand if your traits you're concerned about are just quirks or if they are something much deeper that you should take a look at. These disorders can have dangerous effects on the person suffering ranging from their difficulty to keep any relationships and mood swings up to suicidal thoughts and attempts. It's best to seek our professional assistance as soon as possible in these cases. 

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