Is Taking the Kiddos to Rehab an Option?

When someone is considering drug treatment and that someone is a parent, an instant roadblock pops up, what can I do with my kids while I’m gone? This is a problem for many who do not have the option to call on their parents or a sibling to care for the children for 30 or 90 days. So, what options are left for someone in this situation? The decision can be very perplexing. Too often, the individual already feels guilty enough about their addiction and to leave their children makes them feel even worse.

The truth is, there are not a lot of options available. Very select rehabs offer child care but obviously that will require some hefty cash, which most addicts have already depleted, if they even had it. Most of the time, the children have to stay home with the other parent or family. In many cases this requires a blended effort but most can make it happen. It is just important for the addicted parent to understand that while going away and leaving the children is very taxing but it is much more harmful to allow them to live with an addicted parent.

So, while taking the children with you to rehab is an option only for the elite, it really isn't real life for the average person. Remember that your time in rehab is about fixing yourself and setting aside the time for you. This is what will make you stronger for your family. Once you have actually put in some time and have completed detox, communication with your children is generally permitted and later on there is visitation. This is how you fix the broken you and return happy and healthy for your kids.

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  • This is reassuring information. I bet so many parents go through this guilt but it's almost certainly for the best in the long run. I just wish there were more options for childcare in this regard, I imagine a fear of the children being taken away completely also contributes to many parents apprehension about rehab. 
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