What's your vice?

I think think everyone has a vice. I've never met a truly straight laced, emotionally and physically perfect person. I think we all struggle with things, and one thing or another provides us relief from some of our mental and emotional turmoil. The problem is of course some vices are much worse than others, and they all have the potential to turn into an addiction and serious problem. 

Do you think you have a vice? Do you know of anyone that doesn't have one? How do you keep your vice under control?
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  • I am a messy person. I leave clean clothes stacked up in a huge hamper I have. Folding clothes is my least favorite thing in the world to do. I wouldn't say I'm dirty, but i'm not very organised.
  • Chocolate, anything chocolate I will eat it.  I have acutally eaten a whole 't he box of candy without sharing one piece.  I know itis not good for me to eat all that sugar but I start eating and can't stop myself.  I will hunt thru the house looking for some type of choclate to eat.
  • I have formed a terrible habit of skin picking. I hate it as soon as I feel a dry patch of skin I'll start picking at it. I will pick til I have a made a sore. I have several different places on my body that I do this to.
  • I bite my nails everytime I'm stressed and it is really annoying at times because my nails are really short.
    I also like to eat a lot of sweet stuff, which is really bad for my diet.
  • @kjonesm1, I'm with you on the messiness!  I'm looking at my room right now thinking about how I need to get it cleaned today.  Ugh.  I used to hate folding clothes too, but my boyfriend taught me how to fold tshirts military style (works on tank tops too).  Since then I don't mind it at all!  It's kept my shelf much more neater than before when everything would become unfolded again in a week due to me pulling out shirts I would wear various days. 
    @karmaskeeper, I pick my skin too...It's bad.  It's mostly due to acne, though.  I will continue squeezing a pimple until it scars or I take a safety pin to scrap out the inside of it...yeah.  I need to quit this.
    I have a ton of other vices, but honestly I've learned to accept them or try to overcome them.  If have difficulties doing this I try not to dwell on it, otherwise it fuels my depression and anxiety.
  • Personally my vices, and yes, I say vices, used to be, gambling, smoking, and alcohol. I wasn't satisfied with trying to ruin my life in one way, I was giving myself three ways instead.
  • Chocolate, always chocolate. I can actually go without it for a few days but when it’s in the house, I will eat way more than I ought to. This usually leads to a big ol’ zit the next day, which in turn leads to a terrible pimple-picking habit. I guess the thing about these vices are they could be much, much worse.
  • Honey, I don't know how much of a vice it is though, but I love it so much and can't help it! One day I devoured a whole jar in 15 minutes. And I don't get fat from it or anything, nor have health issues from it. I once ate 10 kilos of honey in less than a month, ha ha.
  • Soda pop! this is my vice, particularly Coke or Pepsi, and I can drink it all day long!
  • I’ve realized that my other vice is comfort shopping for small items that I think won’t have much of an impact on my wallet. But those things add up. I’ve got one particular shopping habit under control *cough*makeup*cough* but I’ve noticed that it might be transferring to other items, and I need to keep an eye on my habits.
  • I may say that my vice is I am fond of watching music videos in the internet every night before going to bed to the extent that my husband will turn off the light so that I will sleep already.
  • My "recovery vice" is definitely coffee. I drink way too much of the stuff.
  • Praying seems to make me feel so good on a day to day basis. I know it may seem corny but prayer has gotten me through the toughest times of my addiction.
  • cigarettes. Thats an easy question for me, lol
  • Pizza. Seriously. I am a sucker for carbs and cheese, and pizza is the perfect combination of those two things. I also pick at my finger nails constantly...except when I'm eating pizza! :)
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