Rehab and Obamacare

Only a minuscule fraction of the millions of Americans that are addicted to a substance receive treatment for their addiction. For most, they simply cannot afford it or couldn't until the Affordable Care Act came along. Now, when everything situates itself and deadlines are met and glitches are mended more people are supposed to benefit from Obama’s health care reform which promises open up more treatment options providing treatment to more individuals. In fact, it is addiction treatment that is to offer the most substantial changes.

The Affordable Care Act mandates that substance abuse services have to be offered and also that mental health coverage is offered. This is true for any coverage purchased through the Obamacare marketplace. This is very attractive to the many millions of people in the US that have gone with no health insurance for years. Also, under the health reform, insurance companies are not allowed to deny coverage for preexisting conditions and this does include addiction. It is expected that more than 30 million people will benefit from this. An individual will be able to remain on their parent’s health insurance plan until they are age 26. People will also be able to receive preventative services at no cost as well as screenings for mental health and alcohol. Changes have been slowly implemented since 2008 and finally now differences are being seen. Addiction care is now finally playing on the same playing field as medical care.

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  • That is great. Now maybe more people can address their mental health issues. Instead of self medicating with a substance like alcohol. This could be a starting point in this country to combat drug use.
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