How to Help Your Child Deal With Trauma After a Car Accident

Dealing with a traumatic event such as a car accident can be very difficult for adults. Now imagine your children in a car accident and the trauma that it can cause them being so young. When a traumatic event takes place it is important to have a few ideas and tips on how to handle these events with your children afterwards. Here are some tips that counselors recommend for dealing with a traumatic event such as a car accident. 

Be There to Listen
Sometimes they just need you to listen to how they are feeling without passing judgement or waving off their feelings. While it's important that you're available to listen, understand that they may not be ready to talk about what happened just yet. Let them know you're available but do not pressure them to talk before they're ready. You can discuss the things that have happened but make sure you do not overdo it. Short talks here and there can be much better than a long drawn out conversation.

Give Them Credit
Do not underestimate that your children understand what has happened or what went on. Be sure to answer your child's questions honestly while staying in language that they can understand. You want to give them honest and truthful answers in concepts and ideas that are understandable to them at their specific age. 

Helping your child through a traumatic event is very important to help them learn to cope with emotions and events around them. If you need extra assistance with handling a tough situation, a therapist can assist you with tips and tricks to get you both through what has happened. 

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  • Trauma is an emotional reaction towards a sudden action or response to an event which is harmful. The harm can be physical or mental. It can be cured completely with love and care. Its sad that your child is suffering from such trauma. Having trauma is normal in children, after experiencing something drastic accident or intolerable incidents.  Children are more affected by such mental stress. You have to keep your eyes on some measure to help your child.
    Give your child proper care and love; support them throughout.
    Do not isolate your child.
    Give your child proper diet. Diet is the major component to fight against anything.
    Get your child in friendly environment.
    Don’t take their behaviour personally.
    Avoid physical punishment or any kind of abuse.
    Listen to them carefully and try to resolve their problems.
    Encourage self-esteem
    Consult to a doctor if needed otherwise love and care are more than enough for a child to bring out from any situation or problem. Hope this may helps you. Good luck.
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