Guilt in relation to sex addiction.

I do not come from any religious background that I sometimes have heard may cause sufferer to feel worse about himself/herself in regards to masturbation. I wouldn't necessarly say I feel guilty afterwards, nor (unless I'm in denial) do I feel worse about myself afterwards either. Only conclusion I can come up with is it is that of an addiction. Any advice on how I can approach it from this angle and get better? Thanks.
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  • Hi @Webby. First, it takes a lot of courage to look inward and ask a perfectly relevant and I think common question. I believe that we have the choice of how we feel about our behaviors. If we believe them to be "bad" as often religious and social doctrines lead us to believe, then we will feel bad. If you instead just look at it as something that is habitual then you leave the shame and guilt out of the equation. I have personally found that it is much easier to get past our addictions when we can stop placing judgment on ourselves long enough to break out of unuseful patterns. In your case it sounds like awareness and setting goals might be a good approach. There are a lot of communities out there who are trying to overcome the same issue. I'd recommend checking out other people's testimonials on YouTube. It always helps to know we are not alone in our struggles. Thanks for sharing here my friend!
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