Working with Social Anxiety Disorder: Tips to Get Through Your Day

Social anxiety disorder, also known as SAD, is a mental health condition that affects how people interact in social situations. For those individuals who suffer from some type of social anxiety disorder, they will not feel comfortable with social interactions and the ill effects from the anxiety may cause irrational thoughts and feelings. Think about going into a work environment and knowing that social interactions raise some type of anxiety from within; how would you feel and handle that situation? Here are a few pointers on how you can effectively calm yourself down in a situation that raises some anxiety in a social situation. 

Therapy and Self-Help 

If you find yourself panicking in otherwise ‘normal’ situations, or feeling strange about being surrounded by new people or groups in general, it is suggested to try reading self-help books or seeking out professional therapy sessions.  Therapy is a great outlet where an individual can speak freely without having to worry about reactions, what is being said and what not therefore allowing someone to recognize issues, and how to grow from it. Self-help books are relatively self-explanatory, but for those individuals who are more comfortable alone may find solace in a book that they can keep close with them for simple daily reminders. 

Deep Breathing

Breathing of course is a necessity to life but learning new breathing techniques can help lower blood pressure, stress and reduce anxiety within people. If you can see yourself getting anxious or finding a situation anxiety provoking, knowing ways to breathe effectively to relax can help an individual avoid unwanted anxiety. 

Reassess and Regroup

Those with SAD generally have a set of irrational fears that arise that if they are able to take a step back and evaluate frequently, may find that helps tremendously with relieving anxiety all together. If an irrational fear continues to be addressed on a regular basis, it will tend to lose its power and eventually not be that important at all. 

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  • I struggle with social anxiety, but only when I actually have to engage with people. not all the time, but enough to make a difference. i'm actually working with a counselor now to work through some of this. i'd love to be more confident with others and be able to approach them.
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