PTSD Work Related Tips - Getting Through the Day-To Day

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is considered to be a mental illness. It affects thousands of people and can be brought on due to a traumatic event or experiences in one’s life. The main concern with PTSD is that it can become debilitating and negatively affect how people interact in social and work environments, and even just getting through a seemingly regular day. 

One of the most difficult things in life is to know when an event or occurrence will change your life completely. Typically it happens without warning, which can be very scary for a lot of people. Learning about mental illness is the greatest power we can give ourselves, so we can learn together how to recognize signs and get through a situation. 

Many veterans that come home from war are diagnosed with PTSD and rightfully so. They are placed in situations that only people can imagine and are not typical. Any type of physical, emotional, sexual abuse can cause PTSD within people as well depending on how deeply they internalize what they are going through. Post-traumatic stress disorder affects everyone differently therefore making it difficult to pinpoint specific tips to help. Below you will see tips that may help those who suffer from PTSD and are at work.

* Utilize effective listening skills – you never know what someone else is going through and lending an ear can make a huge difference in their life. 
* Identify challenges – whether it is you personally or a friend/coworker, you may be able to pick up on ‘triggers’ and situations that cause frustration. 
* Evaluate progress/regression – once triggers are recognized, actively take note on how to avoid those triggers and approach situations differently. 
* Provide proper training – aforementioned, knowledge is power. In the workplace it is suggested to educate employees about different illness’ that can affect people within the workplace. Awareness may eliminate unwanted or unnecessary issues. 

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