Is Medication Helpful During Detox?

There may come a point and time in your life where you find that either yourself or a close friend/loved one has to go through rehabilitation for substance abuse and/or addiction issues. This is completely fine and more ‘normal’ than people may think. While there may be mixed emotions about the current situation, it may be comforting to know that you are never alone. There are several people that have found themselves in the same predicaments and there will be many to follow as well. 

Depending on how severe the substance abuse issues are and what type of substances are being abused, will determine what type of symptoms one will experience when they are starting their recovery journey. Stronger substances like heroin, cocaine and alcohol, exude more symptoms than something like marijuana. Detoxing the body (or ridding it of chemicals) can be a rough transition but again, this depends on the substance abuse by the particular individual. 

Detox centers and rehabilitation centers are fully equipped with the proper knowledge and medications for withdrawal symptoms as well as the medical background to help those who are suffering from the actual withdrawals. 

You may question whether or not medication can be helpful and the answer is yes and no. It’s very situational and at times you will not want to replace one item with another (mentally), but for physical withdrawals, medication can ease some pain and discomfort until the counselors and doctors feel the individual will be okay without them. 

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  • I think a medically supervised detox is super for those who are struggling with getting off alcohol or drugs... using medication to help decrease the daunting withdrawal effects has certainly helped many people get free. 

    The important thing is to be under a physician's care...and not to just take medication on your own. 
  • I am a firm believer in going through detox under the supervision of medical professionals whenever possible. Not only is it safer, but medical professionals will be able to minimize the withdrawal symptoms, which can be awful and a major reason why people choose to go back to using.
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