Relapse and Addiction: The Straight Truth

An interesting perspective on the concept of relapse:

Do you think it's is a “‘normal part of recovery” from addiction?
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  • Very interesting article. I don't think that relapse is a normal part of recovery from addiction. The article said it well. Relapse is a slip - Sobriety Loses Its Priority. 

    Not just with addiction recovery, but with other things as well, we think that after doing good for a while, we can make small allowances. Ultimately, that's untrue and leads to poor decisions.  

    Either that or recovering individuals get overwhelmed, especially after relapse from the controlled environment of a treatment center and seek old methods of coping. However, striving to remember new, healthy coping mechanisms can go a long way in preventing the choice to relapse. 
  • @BLVDTreatmentCenters...I really loved the SLIP acronym too. 

    It's almost like the concept of not getting "too comfortable" with life. While we don't always want to be on edge, I think it's important to continue evolving into our best possible selves. 

    In recovery, you're totally right; it's so easy to get overwhelmed once we're home because we're no longer in a structured environment. This is why after-care is so incredibly important. And the idea of building healthy coping mechanisms.

    Thanks for reading and responding :)
  • @marydawn I could not even finish this article. I feel blamed. Like I had no right to relapse, or like it's not normal. There may be something to the statement that it is a choice to relapse, but it certainly didn't feel like a choice for me.
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