Understanding Generalized Anxiety Disorder

When it comes to anxiety, it can come and go depending on the situation. It is normal to feel nervous or anxious about speaking in front of people, trying out a new situation, or even starting a new job. However, when it comes to excessive worry all the time, there may be more going on than "normal" anxiety levels.

Generalized Anxiety
When someone is constantly worried or concerned over everyday life events that they shouldn't be concerned with, they can have generalized anxiety. Those who deal with this type of anxiety always feel as the worst is going to happen everyday, even if there's nothing out of the ordinary going on. They will worry about daily life events such as school, work, their family, and money issues. This is more than normal concern for these things. It is excessive and can cause problems during their daily life. 

The symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder can include items such as excessive worry, nausea, difficulty in concentrating on tasks, trembling or even being startled easily. 

Treatment Options
There are a couple ways to help those dealing with this type of anxiety disorder to lead a normal life. Medication may be used for those who find it difficult to go through their daily lives because of this anxiety. Other options include cognitive behavioral therapy. This will help you to learn the the causes and behaviors that can bring on the anxiety and help you work through them. 

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