What is a Risky Behavior Addiction?

You've heard of food addictions, shopping or exercise addictions, and even drug or alcohol addictions. However, there is one addiction that some people may not be aware of. They may not realize that their friend who seems to be a "daredevil" can actually have a behavioral addiction.

How do you know if it's just wanting to get a thrill or if there is something more? Here are a few ways to tell if you're dealing with a risky behavior addiction. 

Risky Behavior
An addict is someone who needs to feel that "high" that comes with either taking drugs, drinking, or in this case, doing something that is a risky decision. It could also be considered a thrill seeker as the addict is always looking for the next risk they can take. Rock climbing, bungee jumping or skydiving are examples of behaviors that these people will try to seek out. While those may work for a while, these eventually will lose their appeal as the person seeks out more risky behaviors than ever. This addiction can produce the same "high" that drugs do and it causes the person to lose their inhibitions even more. They have to have more of the thrill so this can lead to very dangerous experiences. 

It is important that those who are addicted to risky behavior seek out treatment just as an addict to alcohol would. While they may not be ingesting a drug, they are addicted in a different way and in many cases the same treatments can help. 

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