Tips for Shopping Addictions During the Holidays

Perhaps you're addicted to shopping and you've finally gotten your spending under control. In comes the holidays with Black Friday shopping, Christmas gifts to buy and all the amazing sales that can draw out even the people who hate to shop. How can you navigate the holidays while keeping your shopping addiction under control? Here are a few tips to help you shop for your loved ones without going overboard this holiday season. 

Do Not Shop Online
If you need to put a block on your computer during this season, then do so. That can help you to save money by not shopping in the wee hours of the night when you may be alone and feel the compulsion to shop more often. 

Give Yourself Time To Think
Make sure that if you're considering purchasing an item that you give yourself a time period of at least 24 hours to consider the purchase. Do not buy anything right away but think on it first. 

Buddy Shopping
If you need to go out shopping for family gifts, then make sure someone who understands your situation is with you. They can help be your accountability partner to ensure you do not spend more than you wish to spend. They can help be your voice of reason when all the distractions are surrounding you. 

Make Homemade Gifts
Consider making homemade items this year instead of buying gifts. This will allow you to spend your time making the items instead of feeling as if you have to go to the malls or shopping centers. Make homemade ornaments, cookie platters, or even try your skills at sewing. 

Also remember to consult with your therapist if you feel you need to get some extra support this season. Do not try to go this alone. You do not have to face your addiction by yourself this holiday season!

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