Anxiety Disorders and the Holidays: Tips To Help You Thrive

Suffering from an anxiety disorder can be very difficult when things are going at a normal pace around. However, when you add in the holiday stress on top of your disorder, it can be downright difficult to even think about surviving. When you're facing the excitement, stress, and overloading the holidays can bring, here are a few tips to help you enjoy them while thriving throughout the season. It doesn't have to be a time to fear. You can enjoy the holidays with these ideas in mind. 

Be Sure To Set Limits For Yourself
Before you visit a family or friend's home, set a time limit for yourself on how long you can safely stay there. Keep that in mind during your visit and just politely let them know you need to leave at a certain time. You can enjoy the time with your family members or friends without adding extra anxiety by knowing when you need to go home. 

You Come First
Be sure that you're taking care of yourself during the holidays. Stay on any medications that you should be taking and do not stray from their normal time. Try to steer clear of extracurricular items such as alcohol or drugs that might alter your current mood. Be sure to rest from the holiday events for an adequate amount of time before heading to another one. 

Schedules Are Great
Make sure to keep a schedule for your day-to-day activities that gives you plenty of time with your loved ones and plenty of time by yourself. Your anxiety disorder can be heightened due to this time of year so make sure you take care of your needs and give yourself plenty of downtime. 

You can enjoy the holidays by keeping yourself healthy and making sure to get plenty of rest and alone time. You can also plan ahead for possible problems you may run into by coping before you get there and making a plan. This holiday season can be a time of fun and enjoyment with this tips in mind. 

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