How to Cope with Stress During Recovery

As a newly sober person who has recently gone through recovery, it can be tough to deal with the stress of every-day life and put all of those new coping techniques you learned into use. When you are in recovery, whether in an inpatient or outpatient setting, it’s easier to employ newly learned coping strategies when you have the extra support and encouragement to do so. Once you leave recovery and you are beginning to make your way back into routine life and live soberly, it can be a little more difficult. 

Even though it can be difficult, it can still be done. To find out some helpful strategies to deal with stressful events, conflicts in relationships, financial troubles, or anything else life throws your way, read on. 

Managing stress is as simple as being prepared.
To remain in recovery and live soberly, you’ll want to keep an eye on your stress levels, manage them accordingly, and do your best to avoid unchecked stress. To make sure that you are staying ahead of your stress and doing your best to remain sober, start by getting an adequate amount of restful sleep every night. When you’re well rested, you’ll be better able to cope with stress in a healthy way. 

Next, really be aware of and identify your unique, personal stressors ahead of time. If running late to work is something that causes you added stress, take note of it and do your best to have your work attire and anything else you may need ready the night before to avoid causing disruptions that could make you late for work in the morning. Whatever your personal stressors are, try to make a plan ahead of time of how you will deal with or avoid these stressors. 

Some stressors are hard to avoid, and you can’t avoid everything that stresses you out forever. The key to effectively managing stress as you are going through recovery and transitioning into sober living for the long term is to be prepared, know that everyone has to deal with stress, and don’t let it overwhelm you or sneak up on you. 

As always, remember that if you are feeling overwhelmed or are thinking about breaking your hard earned sobriety, check in with a friend, family, or someone else from your support network for some extra encouragement. You have the tools to be successful in your sobriety, don’t forget to use them!

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