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  • Hi Jason, 
    have you considered counselling, or therapy of some sort?? It really helps when we're battling demons. The professionals are there to listen, and can really offer some sound help, and lead us to figure out where these obsessions and addictions come from, and that really helps when we're trying to get past them... knowing the root of it is important.
    Know that you're not alone, though.. there are plenty of folk on here addicted to porn.
  • @Ronathan... Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing so openly and honestly with us. I'm glad you are facing your issues. That's a big step toward recovery.

    I think @zozzie has offered up some great advice. I think counseling/therapy would be a great place to start working on improving your life. A good therapist can help you discover the underlying issues that are behind your problems. Once that happens, they can help you confront and overcome those issues. That can make recovery so much easier. 

    Also, check out It's a porn recovery website that was started by a former porn addict. I think you may find some helpful information there.

    We are here to help and support you however we can, so don't hesitate to reach out anytime.
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