What to do if You Are Recommended for Inpatient Rehab but Can’t Make the Commitment?

The popular opinion is that inpatient rehab is the be all end all of addiction recovery. Despite what many people think, outpatient rehab can be just as beneficial for those who are committed to getting help with their addiction. The thing to remember about an inpatient rehab recommendation is just that, it’s a recommendation. 

While the intake staff and other medical professionals do have the knowledge and insight to make credible recommendations, it doesn’t mean that inpatient treatment is the only option that will work for you. Some people can’t make the commitment to attend inpatient rehab due to family or work obligations while others simply can’t afford the extensive treatment. Whatever the reason may be, it’s better to try to make outpatient treatment work for you then to not get the help you need. 

The good news is that per the June 2014 publication of Psychiatric Services, outcomes for residential/inpatient treatment and those of outpatient treatment do not differ significantly. The key is your commitment to success and sober living. If outpatient substance abuse treatment is your chosen mode of transport on your path to recovery, then don’t hesitate and don’t feel wrong for making the best decision for your life and health. 

Many people find success with treatment without attending an inpatient rehab facility. Often, individuals who suffer from a substance abuse disorder can overcome their struggles using individual therapy and self-help or support groups, all of which you will have access to through outpatient rehab. 

If you choose outpatient rehab treatment, you may still get very similar treatment, just in a different setting and on different terms. You will need to make sure that you are complying with the terms of treatment and that you remain fully committed to regaining your life through sober living. So, if you are unable to make the obligation of entering an inpatient rehab center, just choose the type of care that works for you because choosing and committing to treatment is the most important aspect of your recovery. 


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  • i think regardless of what services you opt to go with, making the effort and really taking serious recovery is important. it's not always an either/or.... both inpatient and outpatient can be avenues toward freedom and success. 
  • There are many different paths to recovery. For those who can commit to it and afford it, inpatient rehab can be incredible. But like Dominica said, taking recovery seriously and making the effort is a huge part of the process. If you're willing to commit and work hard, I think you can succeed with methods other than residential rehab. 
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