Kick Shame to the Curb and Welcome Happiness into Your Life

If you’re dealing with mental health issues or addiction, dependence, or anything closely related, you’re probably aware of the stigma surrounding and associated with these issues. However, if you’re reading this, then you’re looking for support, encouragement, and advice to better your situation, so kudos to you!

Feeling shame, guilt, embarrassment, and any other negative feeling is pretty common when dealing with mental or behavioral health issues as it is for substance abuse issues. We’re not telling you not to feel these things, you are human, and these are normal emotions. However, you should allow yourself to feel them, understand why you feel that way, and then kick those feelings to the curb! You don’t need them!

What you do need is positivity, not self-deprecating thoughts. With positivity comes happiness, and you deserve happiness. Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or end of your journey to recovery, success will find you when you leave shame and guilt behind and welcome happiness into your life. Whether you are in a peak or in a valley, let guide you to happiness and beyond. 

When you let shame, guilt, and regret go, you make room for happiness, freedom, and purpose. You have the freedom to accept the new life that you are after on your road to recovery. You have the purpose to move in the right direction and the drive to keep going when you hit a valley. You have the positivity to see yourself through to the next peak without dependence on outside resources. Don’t let shame and regret keep you from freedom, happiness and purpose. 

If shame and guilt are weighing you down, let it go and replace those feelings with smiles and happiness as you let the positivity overcome your way of being. Pretty soon you’ll find that you no longer have the space in your heart or mind for those negative thoughts and feelings. 

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