What makes a reliable and worth-trying treatment center?

I would like to know what factors do you guys considering in entering a treatment center whether as an inpatient or outpatient.



Personalization of recovery treatments?
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  • I would check online forums and see if others have had good or bad experiences, I would definitely ask to go visit the place and talk to a few of the people there.... the impressions we can get from therapists or other patients can show very quickly if we will fit in or not. 

    i once left a place because everyone seemed delightful on the visit, and on the first day, but the first morning, I realised that it was like being in a prison camp, confiscations, searches, strip searches, shaking down peoples's rooms, asking patients to be snitches, every activity was carried out with a condescending attitude, like we aere all sinners and evil and needed to repent and be punished before we could  begin our roads to recovery... and for some, perhaps it would work... who knows, I didn't hang around long enough, but if you are going to get better and you are placing a trust in professionals, you need trust... trust is how you'll open up, tell them what is on your mind, let go....If a healthcare professional starts talking down to you, there is no way you will respond positively.
  • Thank you for your very helpful response @zozzie! Very much appreciated. 

    Did you prefer being an outpatient or inpatient?
  • Out, but that's completely personal, and because I believe myself to be strong enough to say "no" to myself and the people around me. Some folks might need the comfort of knowing that there is no available alcohol, whereas, it was a goal for me to have it waved in front of me, and just refuse it. 
    also, I can't handle noise when I am sleeping, especially other people making noise, snoring, coughing, doors opening or closing, moving about, disturbances like that can drive me over the edge, so I needed to be home in my own bed. sharing a room with a snorer whould have had me on the bottle before 2am!.

  • @Peduncles hello there! great question. I think zozzie gave some great advice. I think inpatient can be extremely helpful for those who welcome structure and accountability. as with any program, what you put into it matters, so whether you do inpatient or outpatient, your effort is a determining factor.

    I think those that can attend an inpatient can value greatly. getting out of an environment and dedicating 24/7 to recovery can help a lot. but not everyone can leave to go to rehab.

    is this for you? are you thinking of attending? or a loved one?
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